Every now and then, our lovely customers write us reviews which we fish out from the internet…

And we want to say a big THANK YOU for the kind words and for taking the time to tell the world about us…

“with the right amount of butter in there to give it the punch that it needed”

- Traveling Hungryboy -


“Their Cajun Wings is another of my favorite, and sure-must order when I visit them again! Mild spicy, with juice oozing out at each bite into the wings”

- Food Esteem -


“Superb! Best Seafood in town!!!”

- Varun Aswani (Facebook) -


"Our meal at FOC definitely stood out as one of the more outstanding ones we had of late with the quality of ingredients"

- MakeYourCaloriesCount-


“Love at first sight with the whimsical wall doodles and the whole restaurant decor when I stepped in”

- Missyallure (OpenRice) -


“Best cheat day ever!!!”

- Hust K (Tripadvisor) -


“Holy Crab, sooo good!”

- Awee15 (Tripadvisor) -


“Long story short, the four of us proceeded to have a ridiculous amount of fun tearing apart our seafood and getting our hands downright filthy”

- Canto Girl (Expat Kiwis) -

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